09/30/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Portrait of "Change" -- McCain/Palin

Sarah Palin just emailed me.

Her writing sounds like most political email, but Palin bolds key sentences for emphasis. The first dispatch to McCain's supporters, for example, has two bold sentences in the body, beneath an image designed to suggest a portrait of change:

Then, further down, Palin's final line is also bolded:

If you want change in Washington, then John McCain and I are asking for your support.

Change and fighting the status quo. McCain's aides might as well have thrown in Hope, too. Forget the polls, pundits and handicapping. The surest sign that McCain is in trouble is not the unconventional pick itself, nor his panicked rush to select a teammate he'd barely met. The evidence is in the campaign's strategic emphasis -- coopting change however possible. Everyone knew McCain was trying to define himself by running from Bush's message, (despite backing him over 90% of the time). It turns out he's also running towards Obama's message, defensively trying to cast his ticket as a change agent that will, as Palin says, "challenge the status quo in Washington."