10/10/2008 01:51 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

From Bags to Riches

When we hear of people who leave their jobs to follow their dreams, we often think to ourselves (especially in times of economic turmoil), "I just don't think I could ever do that." But we can still successfully follow our dreams and Stephanie Johnson is yet another example.

In 2000, she said goodbye to her high-paying telecom job to take a chance on a business idea she was passionate about--cosmetic bags. To date, she's sold nearly 2 million bags and the Stephanie Johnson line of cosmetics bags is carried in more than 500 upscale stores nationwide.

On this episode of Change Nation, Stephanie explains what inspired her to change and how fulfilling it is to work with Energizer to help raise awareness for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.