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Things You Can Control During Transitions and Change!

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I did a radio interview with a great guy called Jim Lobaito the other night. He shared with me this list below and I so loved it, I asked him if i could post it on my site.

When we go through change, we desperately try to control things, the outcome, other people, how long the transition is taking. There are only a few things we can really control as you will see below. Chapter 6 in my book is all about trying to control change specifically. (Check out the book at Enjoy the list and spread it around to anyone you know going through change.

Things you can control during transition:

* Journal daily. Especially your successes.
* Make a list of things in which you are uniquely gifted. Go do them and remind people as you do them that you are gifted in these areas.
* Stand guard of your confidence by doing activities that feed your confidence.
* Stand guard of your confidence by quitting the things you are not good at. You don't have the energy right now to perfect yourself - you are already perfect.
* Develop a plan and work your plan and have confidence in your plan. As you develop your plan remember to always make your future larger than your past.
* Exercise, strenuously, each day.
* Schedule "decompression" time where you are alone with just you.
* Figure out what you are doing right and do more of it.
* Remember that in order for doors to open, doors must close. It is only after doors close do we see the ones being opened. Don't fear closed doors, go close some.
* What are you tolerating that you should not be tolerating? Make a list and eliminate the items.
* Eliminate all "energy" drainers, whether it is people or things.
* Thoughts become things. So take inventory of what you spend the majority of your time thinking about. Do you think about what is currently wrong or where ideally you want to be in the future?
* Remember people react the way you react. React positively.
* Express gratitude to at least one person each day.
* Remember that who you are is not defined by the roles you occupy.

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