09/14/2005 11:15 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bleary-Eyed in Chicago: What's Up with the New York Times?

So I landed in Chicago on the dreaded red eye from LA after 5:00 this morning, and picked up the morning papers at the newsstand to keep me awake on my journey to Grand Rapids, where tonight at the Grand Valley State University in Michigan I'm debating Victor Davis Hanson, a military historian at the Hoover Institution at Stanford. The subject: war, empire, Iraq and the presidency.

So here I am going through the papers and on the front page of USA Today I read: “Baghdad Bomb Blasts Kills Scores of Iraqis: 73 Dead, 162 wounded in Suicide Attack on Laborers Waiting For Work.” Then on page 4, across the whole page, of the Chicago Tribune, I read: “Baghdad suicide bomber kills 73.” And then, I open my New York Times, and the only story on Iraq is on page A-8, below the fold, and it is headlined: “Amended Version of Iraqi Charter Approved for Publication", without a single mention of the suicide bombing that according to the latest update has killed at least 152. So what's up with the New York Times?