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HuffPost's Retooled Living Section: a User's Manual for Living a Balanced Life

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Welcome to the newly retooled Living section.

Take a look around. You'll notice that all the great articles on fashion, food, sex, and the hottest trends have been spun off into their own Style section.

Living is now more focused on all the ways we can take care of ourselves and lead more balanced, centered lives while at the same time making a difference in the world.

We'll be bringing you the best news and opinion on how to live life well -- encompassing the inner life, the balanced life, and the giving life.

So along with aggregating the latest tips and articles on ways to improve the quality of our life, we are also bringing on board a host of new contributors, each with a unique perspective on the subjects you've told us you are most interested in, including health, relationships, diet and exercise, spiritual awareness, philanthropy, meditation -- and generally finding more meaning in our lives. We'd love to see virtual communities developing around these areas -- with ongoing conversations between contributors and users, and amongst the users themselves.

To celebrate this relaunch, the Living section is sponsoring the HuffPost Oasis during the Democratic National Convention in Denver. The Oasis is a place where hurried and harried conventioneers can unplug and recharge. It will feature complimentary yoga classes, Thai massages, hand massages, mini-facials, healthy snacks and refreshments, music, and a comfortable seating area for lounging and unwinding.

To paraphrase Sinatra: if you can find balance amidst the convention craziness, you can find it anywhere!

And our editors will be bringing you extensive coverage of all the goings on at The Oasis, including blogging and interviews about how the conventioneers unplug and recharge -- both in Denver and in their daily life.

As always, we want to hear your feedback about what you like and don't like about what we are offering on Living. We're all excited about continuing to build a vibrant, interactive community of people looking to lead fuller, more balanced lives -- learning both from the experts and from each other.

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