07/17/2007 06:31 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Join Us for a Live Chat on Ending the War in Iraq

Now that the latest Democratic effort to force an up or down vote on troop withdrawal has failed, it's more important than ever that we keep the pressure on those who are standing in the way of bringing our troops home. So, starting today at 2 pm EDT, HuffPost will host a live chat with's Tom Matzzie, who is currently spearheading a multi-state, multi-media, multi-million dollar campaign focused on turning up the heat on Republicans who are obstructing an end to the war. To take part, please send your Iraq questions, along with your name and town, to between now and the start of the chat. Then be sure to come to this space today at 2 o'clock Eastern for this timely and vital conversation.

Matzzie is on loan from MoveOn to Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, a coalition working to responsibly end the war that includes, MoveOn, the Service Employees International Union,, Americans United, USAction, Win Without War, National Security Network, Center for American Progress Action Fund, Working Assets, TrueMajority and others. The group has a budget of $12 million through September and is operating in 27 states.

As Matzzie told me: "Ultimately, as progressives, we have to offer a choice to war supporters in Congress: help end the war or face political extinction. Our primary task has been to create a toxic political environment for war supporters. We do this with a multi-layered campaign that uses the Internet, TV advertising and old-fashioned street organizing to keep pressure on our targets -- especially back in their hometowns.

"In this moment, with 70 percent of the public united in support of a safe exit from Iraq, it is important that Americans understand how they can help end the war. It is no longer sufficient for all of us to illustrate public anger about the war. Our job now is to show that people are angry at the politicians who are blocking an end to the war -- specifically the Republicans who are still sticking with Bush. That is an important distinction that is all the difference. And, if we keep it up, we can end the war."

So send in your questions for Tom, and be a part of the discussion.