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Sunday Roundup

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Harry Potter mania is in full effect this week, with the arrival of the blockbuster series' final cinematic installment. As the ubiquitous movie posters say, "It All Ends." Here in the Muggle world, a similar dark sense of finality hangs over the swirling debt ceiling debate, with its looming August 2 deadline. In that drama, DC's lead actors have been slipping in and out of character. President Obama -- who has announced his interest in starring in a sequel of his own -- signaled his willingness to accept draconian spending cuts, while Mitch McConnell couched his Snape-like approach in "crassly political terms," flatly declaring: "I refuse to help Barack Obama get reelected." Meanwhile, with the emphasis on debt reduction, another week passed without the stars of the show tackling the jobs crisis -- or, as it's known in Washington, "That Which Shall Not Be Prioritized."