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Sunday Roundup

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (circa 2005): fingers being pointed, values being questioned, ugly epithets being displayed like ornaments on a tree. It's Ho, ho, hopeless. Don’t miss Bob Cesca, Eric Schmeltzer, Eric Boehlert, Nina Burleigh, and Larisa Alexandrovna taking on the war on Christmas. Then check out some of the best of the rest of this week’s posts in our roundup below. Plus, our “Eat the Press” watchdogs Harry Shearer and Michelle Pilecki taking a bite out of the media, Dalton Conley on a “Man’s Right to Choose”, Jonathan Tasini on why he’s running against Hillary, and Nora Ephron on Hillary and Condi.

And just in, Nora Ephron, Marty Kaplan and I preview Ken Auletta’s New Yorker story on the New York Times, out tomorrow.