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Sunday Roundup

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This week's biggest stories involved public figures being secretly captured by an unseen camera, exposing to the world what they are really like underneath. We saw that Kate Middleton, like many of us, enjoys getting a little sun on holiday. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, showed that he doesn't like many of us, believing we are victims and entitled moochers. Of course, anything can change -- but after Romney's Campaign Week From Hell, it's looking more and more likely that Obama will be reelected. So as well as focusing on the Obama vs. Romney race, it becomes increasingly important to focus on the Obama vs. Obama race -- Campaigning Obama vs. Governing Obama. And if the president really believes, as he told Univision, that he can't change Washington from the inside, and intends to outsource his leadership role to us, we are all (pardon the expression, Kate) royally screwed.

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