06/24/2006 07:38 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sunday Roundup

It's hard to say which took a harder tumble this week: Phil Mickelson, the Dallas Mavericks, the U.S. World Cup soccer team, or President Bush's dreams of building a Star Wars missile defense system. The LA Times reported that despite the over $42 billion spent on it since 2001, Bush's system has not had a successful test in nearly four years, and military officials were so concerned about the potential flaws in 9 of the 11 ground-based missile interceptors now in operation they considered returning them to the factory for disassembly. A disturbing thought with nuked-up North Korea ready to test fire its new missile, and Rummy's Pentagon asking for another $10.4 billion for the program in next year's budget. Here's hoping this week's Sunday Roundup has a higher hit rate.