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Sunday Roundup

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This was not a good week for public figures with notable heads of hair. The boyishly coiffed Tom DeLay caused jaws to drop all across America with his rump-shaking cha-cha to "Wild Thing" on Dancing With the Stars. Breck Girl-turned-Cad John Edwards saw his already-tarnished reputation further sullied by the release of details of his affair with Rielle Hunter, including a promised post-Elizabeth rooftop wedding featuring the Dave Matthews Band. And the idiosyncratically maned Donald Trump made headlines by allowing Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi to pitch a tent on his Bedford, New York estate. But it was follicly-challenged columnist David Broder who took the prize for the week's most ludicrous act: criticizing President Obama for "his determination to rely on rational analysis, rather than narrow decisions." God forbid. It was enough to make your hair stand on end.