12/01/2005 07:45 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Update: The Bill O'Reilly Blacklist

As promised, Bill O'Reilly has published his enemies list. All three of them.

That's right, out of the ever-expanding media universe, O'Reilly has identified just two newspapers and a cable network that he claims "have regularly helped distribute defamation and false information" supplied by the "far left websites" he blamed for the uproar over his comments giving al-Qaeda the greenlight to blow up San Francisco.

Making O'Reilly's blacklist were the New York Daily News, the St. Petersburg Times, and MSNBC. Since he offered no specific details on what this trio did to warrant inclusion on his dishonor roll, one can only speculate.

Is it because the Daily News broke the story in 2004 that he had settled his infamous "falafel" sexual harassment suit for between $2 million and $10 million? Let's run that one through the No Spin Zone.

The St. Petersburg Times probably owes its spot to the running feud O'Reilly has had with the paper's Eric Deggans, a columnist whom he disparaged on his TV show as "a dishonest, racially motivated correspondent writing for perhaps the worst newspaper in the country." Deggans had criticized O'Reilly for giving cover to the federal government's response to Katrina. So now payback's a list?

As for MSNBC, that network's Keith Olbermann has regularly taken O'Reilly to the cable-news-woodshed -- mentioning him on no less than 43 shows over the last thirteen months. And on Wednesday night Olbermann gave O'Reilly the three top slots in his "Worst Person in the World" segment, saying of O'Reilly's list: "You call it defamation, Bill. We call it precise quotes from your show."

Perhaps sensing that his ballyhooed enemies list was a little light on enemies -- nowhere near the list of 205 Communists working in the State Department Joe McCarthy claimed to have -- O'Reilly promised to "add more names to this list."

Let me give him a hand. Actually 20,000 hands -- belonging to the 10,000 people who have proudly signed on to HuffPost's "Join the O'Reilly Blacklist" campaign. Consider it a first installment, Bill.

Since I'm not scheduled to be on the Factor any time soon, I'm going to e-mail these names to O'Reilly's website.

And for those who haven't signed up yet, there is still plenty of time to make it on to O'Reilly's blacklist. Join here:

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