06/17/2010 10:02 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

How to Offer Products Best Suited to Your Audience

With the sender's permission, I would like to share a recent email question I received. If you are an author interested in creating additional products for your readers this response is for you.

Arielle, I have a published book and am doing more speaking engagements than ever before. I sell my book at my events but I notice that I am usually the only speaker with just one product to sell. What do you suggest I do to gain more exposure and more sales? - Jill, San Diego


Congratulations on having a lot of speaking engagements. If your passion is to share your message in front of live audiences you are already well on your way. As for what products to offer, I would concentrate on what are the best ways to sustain engagement with your fans.

For example, I have the book, The Soulmate Secret but for those people who want the advanced course there is the Soulmate Kit or if they want to take it a step further they can take a one-day or weekend workshop with me. They can also access tele-seminars and webinars.

Marketing your brand and creating products should be about figuring out what you need as an individual and not about trying to be everything to everybody. For instance, not everyone wants to be a coach or have ongoing coaching programs. If this is not how you wish to spend your time don't create a product just to package it with your book. Stay authentic so you can provide the best offerings to your readers.

When you are developing your product line, think not only in terms of what you want but also from what methods people learn best.For instance, some people like to have a workbook to accompany a series of webinars. Other people prefer to learn in person at a live event while other fans prefer the convenience and ease of a recorded tele-seminar series.

The absolute best way to determine what your readers want is to ask them. What additional resources will compliment the content you provide on stage? If they are strong followers of your work, they will be honored to give you advice.

How do you decide what products to create? What has worked best for you from a customer standpoint and a sales perspective? Please share your successes (and lessons) in the comments section below.

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