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Posted: July 13, 2010 02:58 PM

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Well, the World Cup has officially ended (congrats, Spain!), and some of you are probably left feeling a little lost and without purpose. Let the art world bring you back to life! There are tons of great events going on this week to occupy your time. Starting Wednesday you can check out two great shows, Inspired at Steven Kasher Gallery and Saturday Sun at Capricious Space. Then on Thursday you can see graffiti in a gallery (really) in the show Artists of the Third Rail at Benrimon Contemporary. Graffiti art too young and hip for you? Why not head over to Thierry Goldberg for a more traditional yet no less interesting show, Here we Aren't, So Quickly? Also Thursday is a discussion of Brion Gysin by the one and only Genesis Breyer P-Orridge at the New Museum. Then on Friday, the Museum of Natural History is turning its planetarium into a virtual dance party called SonicVision featuring tracks mixed by Moby. Does all that have you tired out by Saturday? Then relax with Cary Grant in Destination Tokyo at BAM. And finally, just this once, I'll give you Sunday off to relax!

Get Inspired @Steven Kasher Gallery
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If this picture alone doesn't make you want to go see Inspired at Steven Kasher Gallery, I don't know what will! The photographs in the show are all influenced by other iconic images and are full of generational rebellion and revenge. Check out the opening this Wednesday at 6pm. Also opening Wednesday is Saturday Sun (yes, like the Nick Drake song) at Capricious Space.
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