01/11/2011 04:19 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What Were Your Favorites in 2010?

We are three friends, who look at and participate in art, sometimes professionally, sometimes recreationally, sometimes together, but always with a sense of an adventure and excitement. As three opinionated viewers we have our own relational aesthetic, but tend to agree on some key visual events and social exhibitions that changed the ways we experience creation and each other. To mark the end of 2010, we paused to consider what has been cool, interesting, and noteworthy in recent months. Remember, art is more fun when experienced with the ones you love.

Clearly, this list is not all encompassing. But its a start. So please add to it. Edit it. Debate our choices. Come up with your own favorite categories and give us more to look out for in 2011! The full list is on Artlog.

-Joseph Sheftel, Suzanna Lee, Kyle DeWoody

Artlog 2010 Year in Review