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February 7, 2016

Met Opera: Radvanovsky Is Superb in Donizetti's Game of Thrones

Whichever side one may take in the final Tudor family feud, for Donizetti, whose Maria Stuarda returned to the Met Opera stage Friday night, it...

Our Favorite Classic Children's Books Are Super Problematic

Athena Image
Heritage Images via Getty Images

Woman Buys A Box Of Junk, Finds An Original Andy Warhol Inside

Disorienting Nude Photos DGAF About Your Body Standards (NSFW)

Julia Sh
Julia SH

A Joyous, Jumpsuit-Filled Instagram To Fight Your Fear Of Aging

David Harry Stewart and Shaniqwa Jarvis, courtesy of Catherine Gray

Floating Library Proves Books Should Be Shared In Improbable Places

Machine Project

Female Photographers Discuss The Real Anxieties Of Being Women

Juno Calypso 12 Reasons Youre Tired All The Time 2013
Juno Calypso, 12 Reasons You're Tired All the Time, 2013

Inside Rihanna's Weirdly Emo Album Cover

Athena Image
Christopher Polk via Getty Images

21 Provocative Books By Women Every Bookshelf Needs

See full credits below.

Wild New Novel Allows Readers To Hop Through Time


Before 'Serial,' Two Women Set Out To Bring True Crime To Podcasts

Athena Image
"Criminal," Artwork by Julienne Alexander

Street Art Collective Paints The Eccentric Personalities Of Italy


Here's What Witchcraft Can Teach Us About Feminism


The Girl Who Dreams Of Becoming The First Muslim Hijabi Ballerina

Stephanie Kurlow
Stephanie Kurlow / LaunchGood

Your Visual Guide To The Timeless Queens Of Pin-Up

Famous Pinup Blaze Starr Real Name Fannie Belle Fleming In 1950

The Frontrunner Black Bachelorette Got Cut. How Predictable.

The Bachelor
ABC/Eniac Martinez

The Women Of 'Broad City' Want You To Paint A Mural

Athena Image
Noam Galai via Getty Images

On 'Happiness,' A Muddy Word For A Muddy Feeling

Athena Image
CSA-Images via Getty Images

How A Nocturnal Politician Became The Unlikely Father Of Wildlife Photography

Athena Image
George Shiras, "Three Virginia deer," Michigan, 1893-1898 c. National Geographic Creative Archives

A Breakup-Themed Coloring Book To Help You Get Over An Ex

Athena Image

Forget 'Gilmore Girls.' Bring Back 'Felicity.'

Athena Image
Getty Images via Getty Images

Classic 18th C. Paintings Inspire 'Obscene And Pornographic' Show

Matthew Stradling
Matthew Stradling

Jazz Genius Vijay Iyer Had To Fight The 'Model Minority' Myth Too

T1702551 Photograph Iyer20130427072 Music Musiciancolor Imageone Person Only
Jack Vartoogian/Getty Images via Getty Images

In A Mental Health Center In Italy, A Patient Created Her Own World Through Art

Athena Image
Alessandra Michelangelo, gessetti e lapis su cartoncino nero, 2008, Chalk and colored pencil on cardboard, 12-2/3 x 9-1/2 inches.

Photos Of Men With Bubble Beards Show Masculinity Is Fragile Too

Mindo Cikanavicius
Mindo Cikanavicius

'Vagina Kayak' Artist Faces Absurd Obscenity Fine In Japan

Athena Image
TORU YAMANAKA via Getty Images

Black-And-White Illustrations Depict Women (Quite Happily) Being Alone

Idalia Candelas
Idalia Candelas

The Best 'Meet Cutes' Of Pop Culture History, Illustrated

Nan Lawson
Nan Lawson

Ai Weiwei Recreates Photo Of Drowned Syrian Toddler

Athena Image

The Corgi Fan Art That Will Melt Your Pop Culture-Loving Heart

Margaret Mccall Titanic Corgi
Margaret McCall

Womens' Bodies Go Unedited In All-Girls Photo Collective

Ashley Armitage

Step Inside Salvador Dali's Surreal Paintings With Trippy VR Video

Youtubethe Dali Museum
YouTube/The Dali Museum

Going Vegan Sparks A Subtle Horror Story In Powerful New Novel

Han Kang

Disney Classics Reimagined As Tim Burton Films Are Delightfully Creepy

Andrew Tarusov
Andrew Tarusov

Stunning Font Collection Reflects The Fleetingness Of Memory

Sub Rosa

All Hail Rihanna, A Slacker And A Boss

Athena Image
Rich Fury/AP


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Stunning Works Of Macro Photography Ask You To Look Closer

Athena Image

Someone Paid Over $1 Million For A Photo Of A Potato

Athena Image
Top Photo Corporation via Getty Images

Forget Valentines, Let's All Send Hamiltines Instead


Painter Vanessa Prager Talks Beauty And Makeup, And Art Too

Vanessa Prager Pablo Bones 2015 Oil On Wood 8x8
Vanessa Prager, Pablo Bones, 2015, Oil on wood, 8x8

Mesmerizing Graphics Strip Classic Books Down To Their Punctuation

Time Machine
Nicholas Rougeux

How To Turn Thrift Store Figurines Into Naughty Works Of Art

Athena Image
Staffordshire ceramic with hand-painting, 2015.

A 'Harry Potter' Coloring Book Crawling With 'Fantastic Beasts'

Harry Potter Coloring Book
Scholastic / HPMG

Delving Into The Shadowy World Of Occult Art

Athena Image
Alison Blickle, "New Keys," 2015, Oil on canvas and glazed ceramics, 40 x 30 in. Courtesy of Kravets Wehby Gallery, New York.

A Young Russian Photographer Questions The Byproducts Of Tech Progress

Danila Tkachenko
© Danila Tkachenko - Restricted Areas

The Government Is Hiring A Burning Man Manager, And The Position Is Hella Corporate

Art Artistic Artists Celebration Counterculture Fire Flames Party Sculpture Society
David McNew via Getty Images

An Ode To Dana Scully, An Inspiration To Hard-Nosed Women Everywhere

Athena Image
Vincent Sandoval via Getty Images

Egypt's Answer To 'The Vagina Monologues' Confronts Sex, Violence And Daily Life For Women

January 25
Ahmed Hayman

6 Must-Read Book Recommendations From The World's Brightest Minds

Athena Image
Avosb via Getty Images

How A Colombian Artist Got To Know His Mother Through Photography

Nydia In Profile With Broom
Nydia in Profile with Broom

An Adult Coloring Book Just Made Online Dating Way More Fun

Adam Seymour
Adam Seymour

The Wild World Of Helmut Newton, An Artist Who Brought Kink To Fashion

Athena Image
©Helmut Newton Estate

10 Other Magical Books 'Harry Potter' Fans Should Read


The 'Feminist Babysitter' Is Here To Watch Your Kid And Dismantle The Patriarchy Too

Feminist Babysitter
SJ and Ginny

Virginia Woolf's Guide To Grieving

20th Centuryauthorauthorsenglishfemalehistorylate
Culture Club via Getty Images

11 Podcasts We Bet You Haven't Heard Yet

Athena Image
Ulianna via Getty Images

A 1940s Illustration Of Female Orgasm Is A Surrealist Masterpiece