04/25/2012 12:47 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2012

My Wish For A Buried Life

This is one of ten shortlisted entries for our Things To Do Before You Die contest. We will try to make the winning idea happen.

The entries on the shortlist are:

"Inform The World About Lyme Disease" - Beth Ross

"Improving The Lives Of Dogs" - Emily Grossheider

"Becoming A Regular Size" - Will Holt

"Seeing Through Photography" - Jeremy Braun

"Live Like We're Dying" - Jonathan Winegarden

"One Wish Before I Die: Let Women Lead" - Claire Charamnac

"My Wish For A Buried Life" - Ashley Calarie

"The Dark Has Its Own Light" - Mary Rose Betten

"Thank You For Being A Teacher" - Caroline Cretti

"My Wish: To Be A Professional Pinup Model" - Alicia Leeman

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My name is Ashley, I'm 21 years old. Last year my grandma went in for knee surgery -- she made it through it and I was able to see her right when she came in the hospital recovery room.

However, later on we got a phone call from the hospital - my grandma had coded. By the time we got to the hospital she had passed away. My world felt like it was upside down. She lived next door my whole life and she wasn't just my grandma she was my friend. Together, we would always watch "Regis and Kelly in the morning." I continued to watch "Live with Kelly" every morning, even without her.

I have such a passion for being able to reach others through media; the one thing I would like to do before I die is to meet Kelly Ripa and go to a taping of her show. I want to thank her for being such a good role model and person that I inspire to be. She is one of the main reasons I wanted to go into broadcasting in the first place. Her personality and genuine thankfulness remind me that although I have to start at the bottom and work hard to the top, it is worth every bit of it. As a student, right now I don't have the money to go to New York.

My grandma and I bonded over the show and when I watch it I feel like she's there with me. It would mean more than you know for me to do this for myself but also for my grandma, my guardian angel.

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