Angie Junck Supervising Attorney, Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Angie Junck is a supervising attorney at the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) in San Francisco, California where she has focused on the intersection between the immigration, criminal and juvenile justice systems since 2005. She works regularly with criminal justice and juvenile justice groups to track the issues facing immigrants in those systems and advocate on their behalf. She coordinates national projects on the cross over of these systems including: the Defending Immigrants Project to assist public defenders mitigate the immigration consequences of crime and delinquency, the Immigrant Justice Network, to build a movement to end unjust penalties for immigrants entangled in the criminal justice system, and the Immigrant Youth Justice Initiative, to end immigration enforcement in the juvenile justice system and mitigate immigration consequences of delinquency for youth.

She is a co-author of ILRC's publication Defending Immigrants in the Ninth Circuit: The Impact of Crimes under California and Other State Laws and has also co-written other ILRC manuals including A Guide for Immigration Advocates and Naturalization and U.S. Citizenship. She is an advisory board member and volunteer with California Coalition for Women Prisoners, the only criminal justice group in California that has a project to work directly with immigrant prisoners to empower them. Prior to joining the ILRC, she worked on post-conviction relief for immigrants at the Law Offices of Norton Tooby and advocated on behalf of incarcerated survivors of domestic violence as a coordinator of the statewide coalition Free Battered Women and a member of the Habeas Project.