Ariel Sobel is a senior from Syosset High School in Syosset, New York who has a deep passion for history, writing, and the global community. She is the president of her school's literary art magazine, the creative director of her school yearbook, and an active member of her school's speech team. She is a Scholastic Writing and Art Awards Region-at-Large Winner and a Bryn Mawr Book Award Recipient. Ariel is also active in National History Day; in 2012 she was National (top 14), as well as the New York State and Long Island Champion for Senior Individual Performance. In her spare time she works as the Head of International Youth Engagement for Kids Change the World (the world's largest non-profit youth run civil service organization). If you want to learn more about her, join the international following of her youth creativity and advocacy blog, Underage Voices, and be on the look for her book, Words I Was Forbidden To Say, which will be on sale this November.