Barbara Hayes Marriage and family therapist

Barbara Hayes, MS, MFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist treating interpersonal, behavioral, and mood issues which often stem from past abuse and trauma.

In her new book, Beware of Dogs: How to Avoid Dating Disasters (, she offers strategies, quizzes and tips on how to identify the signs of possible serious psychological issues in a potential partner. She wrote Beware of Dogs as a manual to help women determine the difference between the petty issues that plague most relationships and the red flags that the relationship is headed for disaster.

Based on valid scientific information and personal experiences, Hayes helps the loveless, the love struck, the confused, and even the abused to determine if a family member, partner, boyfriend, or husband is charmingly smitten or a crazy stalker, slightly spoiled or actually narcissistic, even acutely controlling or
possibly abusive. She helps her patients make educated decisions in accordance with their own unique needs and goals to find a confident, healthy relationship. Visit her website at:

Hayes attended University of California at Berkeley and Dominican University of California. She currently lives in northern California with her daughter and her canine Max.