Belinda Williams Former cyclist, microbiologist, educator, medical student

Belinda Williams, 41 is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. She was an avid cyclist in the greater Denver area until a gust of wind blew her off a mountain, nearly killing her. Three years later, she has been through four spine surgeries, and has developed an immune deficiency to complicate matters. Although she continues to struggle with her recovery, she is also trying to raise awareness about disabilities and service dogs, as well as cycling safety- for she remains a strong advocate for cycling, in spite of her experience.

She is a microbiologist with a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University, and is currently preparing for her board exams in medical school. She has been involved in biomedical research at Applied Biosystems, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, George Washington University Medical School, and National Jewish Medical Center. Her research areas ranged from genetic analysis R&D to microbiology, to renal medicine, and pulmonary immunology. Currently, she is supplementing her income while studying by working as an educator in Denver schools.

Her academic interests include the biomedical sciences, everything outdoors, arts, history, exploring other cultures, ecology, and physics.

She is a firm believer that health care ought to be a right, not a privilege, as in health everyone can be happier, more productive, and less burden to society in the long run.

Currently, she is raising a Shiloh Shepherd puppy to become her own service dog, to provide aid for her spine injuries and relief from some of her PTSD symptoms. Ultimately, she hopes to be able to return to medical school, and wants to also train her dog to scent cancer, so that they may work side by side, saving lives.