Brett Caine President, Citrix Online

Brett Caine is President of Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, Inc., where he is responsible for successfully growing the company’s software-as-a-service business. Brett is one of the high tech industry’s leading advocates for transforming the ways in which people work, resulting in increased productivity and enhancing work/life balance. He has applied his vision in a variety of ways including; providing state-of-the art offices to employees and enabling virtual work styles -- a practice he and his company coin workshifting. His views are now translating into sustainable value for businesses of all sizes.

The application of his vision for transforming business by delivering simpler, better ways to connect and collaborate online, has resulted in record performance for his own company. Under Brett’s leadership, Citrix Online has grown revenues to nearly $400 million in 2010, from $35 million in 2003. The company is now among the top global SaaS providers, with worldwide market leadership in remote access and remote IT services, and the number two global provider in web collaboration services.

Prior to joining Citrix Online, he held executive positions with several leading software companies, including Openwave Systems and Clarify, Inc. He was awarded a B.S. degree in marketing from New York University.