Brooke was born to this world in Kalispell, Montana. She still often goes back to hang with her beautiful mom and play in the mountains. Some call her a gypsy; She's lived all over the west coast. Some call her a hippie; she believe in Peace, Harmony and ONE WORLD. If she had a roof-top garden she’d spend her whole day out there, but it is her brother that has the green thumb. Some call her a freethinker, a writer, a talker, your buddy and your friend. She has a Bachelors Degree in English Literature from San Diego State University. She rides the bus, and thinks you should too. She eats vegetables. She loves to learn. Her home is adorned with ugly, comfy 70’s style furniture and anything orange, brown and GREEN. She has dry skin, she loves dogs, and she probably needs a cup of coffee. She has the most beautiful friends in the world; they all blow her mind with their kindness and care. She wears a whistle around her neck.

Brooke Dean is an activist and global volunteer, blogger and co-founder of
In an effort to uncover humanity's most pressing dilemmas, Brooke Dean and Levi Felix are traveling the world to meet those individuals and organizations who are addressing these problems and documenting how their activism is making a difference. Their objective of This Is The World We Live In is to seek global activists and connect them with individuals who want to help, in turn creating an online community to share ideas, discuss solutions and unite people who have the common goal of transforming our world. Spanning topics from freedom of speech to border control; environmentalism to education, Brooke will be covering a variety of local, regional and world issues. This blog is that of their adventure and of those who they meet along their way.

Follow her journey at as they travel the world and uncover stories of hope for positive change.