Candyce Abbatt is a family lawyer, wife, mother, runner and master gardener. She began blogging in 2009 as a method of coping with the loss of her mother Janet, and in order to stay in touch with friends and family. Once she got ahold of the keyboard, the words came far more easily than expected -- and they haven’t stopped.

Candyce began “practicing” family law nearly 30 years ago, and she has gotten pretty good at it, although once in a while she still gets shown up by some young whippersnapper. Still, with all that “practice” Candyce has developed a practical and pragmatic approach to the law of families that seems to please most of her clients. Guiding good folks through the challenging and emotional process of divorce and custody disputes, Candyce tries to keep clients well informed and grounded -- ever mindful of their struggles. Thus, with the Law of Families, she hopes to provide others circumnavigating the family court system with some sound advice not readily obtainable from standard lawbooks and websites.

Candyce is married to Bill Abbatt, a patent attorney (much more civilized) and has two daughters, Casey (who has drunk the family koolaid as is about to join the bar) and Bailey (who’s far more black and white and thus has decided to become an engineer.) Ralph their beloved bichon poodle rounds out the bunch.

If you like Candyce’s writing, you can find more escapees from “My Documents” at Zone Five and a Half, which is featured as an online gardening column with the Dearborn Press and Guide, and Dog Tales found on the Dearborn Patch. Candyce has also been published in the Michigan Bar Journal, a monthly publication of the State Bar of Michigan.

Candyce Abbatt is a graduate of Fordson High School, the University of Michigan—Dearborn, and Wayne State University Law School. She is a partner with Fried Saperstein Abbatt PC in Southfield, Michigan, and was appointed in 2011 by Attorney General William Schuette to the Detroit Medical Center Legacy Board. She has served on the Board of Visitors and Alumni Association of the Wayne State University Law School, the Dearborn Public Library Commission and Henry Ford Hospital.