Constance Mudenda Assistant Project Coordinator, Zambia Prisons Health Systems Strengthening

Constance Mudenda is an Assistant Project Coordinator for a project called Zambia Prisons Health Systems Strengthening (ZaPHSS). Previously, she was a peer educator at three clinics in Zambia where she helped counsel men and women on the importance of being tested and how to prevent the transmission of the HIV virus from moms to their babies. With access to medicine, 98 percent of mother-to-child HIV transmission incidents are preventable. Constance and (RED) first met three years ago and she features in the (RED) & HBO film The Lazarus Effect. She had lost all three of her children to AIDS in the '90s before ARV medication in Sub-Saharan Africa was made available. She is alive today because she gained access to ARVs, which she started on October 13th, 2004 -- that date is also her birthday. In October, Constance celebrated her birthday and her eighth anniversary on ARVs, and the following month, gave birth to a daughter called Lubona.