Craig Nickerson President, National Community Stabilization Trust

Craig Nickerson has served as President of the NCST since its founding in 2008. From 1997 to 2008, Craig was Vice President of Expanding Markets for Freddie Mac. In this capacity, he was responsible for supporting the affordable housing needs of mortgage lenders, building housing industry partnerships to strengthen underserved communities and increasing homeownership opportunity. He was also responsible for nationwide implementation of all single-family affordable housing lending initiatives at Freddie Mac.

Prior to joining Freddie Mac, Craig worked for Secretary of HUD Henry Cisneros as Coordinator of the “National Partners in Homeownership”, a broad-based, public-private partnership involving 65 national organizations, designed to measurably increase homeownership opportunity in America.

Craig has held leadership roles in the affordable housing arena for over 35 years. He served as Executive Director of the City of Boston, Office of Housing, administering all citywide affordable housing initiatives. Craig subsequently worked at HUD in Washington, DC as National Director of Housing Rehabilitation, managing such housing programs as the Rental Rehabilitation Program, Urban Homesteading, and CDBG. He also has served as President/CEO of Community Development Financial Corporation, a nationwide mortgage financing and financial services firm, and as President of the Nickerson Group, a housing and community development consultant firm.