Daniella Boston Co-founder, uNight

I co-founded uNight: For the Children of Uganda in 2005 in collaboration with Ochoro Otunnu and other social change activists and members of the African Diaspora committed to supporting a homegrown, sustainable and market-driven approach to post-conflict redevelopment. As uNight ED, I spearheaded advocacy and strategic development activities in the US and UK, mobilizing support through film screenings, panel discussions, community events, social media and more. I’ve spoken on child’s rights issues, the LRA and the northern Uganda conflict (and post-conflict development) at a wide range of institutions from universities such as UNCW, Harvard, Stanford and Cardozo Law School to the Tribeca Film Institute, the Ross School and Ugandan North America Association (UNAA).

From 2007, my focus shifted from advocacy towards realigned the organization’s strategic priorities towards internal Uganda-based youth programs that emphasize learning-centered education, holistic peer support, entrepreneurship and wealth creation. Specifically, I registered uNight as a local NGO in Uganda; setup uNight-Uganda's office in Gulu; and designed and implemented uNight's After-School Education Program (ASEP) in Amuru District (a somewhat remote District that neighbors Gulu, Acholi Sub-Region, northern Uganda).

In addition to overseeing uNight-Uganda’s grassroots programming I also some consultancy work both on youth and post-conflict issues as well as business development. For example, for four (4) months last year (2011) I was working with United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) to analyze and advise the government on the status of “durable solutions” and (re)integration of northern Uganda’s formerly displaced. I also consult for Owino Solutions Ltd. (U) (OSL) a Kampala-based ICT firm specializing in web development and cross-platform media and marketing with a particular interest in social entrepreneurship and local African-driven content.

In my spare time, I am learning how to make all-natural ice-cream and developing a tennis and –- both as an income-generating activity (“IGA”) for uNight as well as for her own edification. (“Eden Ice-Cream: ‘Tastes Heavenly’” – watch this space!) I originally hail from London, then spent 10 years in the U.S. originally to study –- I hold a joint honors degree in Social Studies and African Studies from Harvard University -– and since 2009 I've lived in Uganda full-time. Find me on Twitter at @daniella_boston and @uNightUganda.