David Gosset Director, Academia Sinica Europaea at China Europe International Business School

David Gosset is a global affairs and international relations expert. Professor Gosset studied political science in Paris. He is currently the director of the Euro-China Center for International and Business Relations at CEIBS in Shanghai. Gosset founded the Academia Sinica Europaea an intellectual interface between Europe and China, and he has also established the Euro-China Forum which creates the conditions for a comprehensive dialogue between the two edges of Eurasia. The former French President Jacques Chirac considers that the Euro-China Forum is “since 2002 a unique platform for exchanges between the European and Chinese civilizations”. Tung Chee Hwa, the former Chief Executive of Hong-Kong defines the forum as “dedicated to the great mission of increasing mutual understanding between China and Europe”. A sinologist, Professor Gosset wrote extensively on China’s transformation and its impact on the world affairs. His comments have been published in the International Herald Tribune, Asia Times, Global Times, China Daily but also top Chinese newspapers Global Times (Chinese) and the prestigious Reference News. Gosset commented for Shanghai TV, Dragon TV, Phoenix TV or Bloomberg TV. His analyses have been published by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Gosset has been awarded the “Cross of the Civil Order” by the King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, for his work with the Academia Sinica Europaea. Gosset also received a honorary distinction by the Republic of Bulgaria for the establishment of the Euro-China Forum. David Gosset is honorary Professor at the Xinjiang Normal University and at Nankai University in Tianjin.

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