Eileen Mullaney is a principal in the International Assignment Services (IAS) practice of PwC US and its global mobility consulting leader. She has over 20 years of experience in overall expatriate program management.

Eileen works with clients to maximize the effectiveness of their mobility programs, including the following areas:

· Mobility policy development that is competitive in the marketplace and directly serves the organizational goals;

· Program cost analysis and benchmarking;

· Analysis of organizational structure, staffing models, and service delivery models for global mobility programs;

· Process design with a focus on risk minimization and controls;

· Mobility program effectiveness by aligning mobility strategy with business and talent strategies;

· Cross-function training sessions for implementation of new programs and processes.

Eileen is responsible for PwC’s Expatriate Policies and Practices Survey and is a frequent contributor to PwC’s IAS Perspectives and Mobility whitepaper series.

Prior to her tenure with PwC, she managed the expatriate programs and international compensation and benefit plans for two major multinational companies.