Ershad Ahmadi

Ershad Ahmadi is currently the deputy head of the High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption, an agency established ten months ago to lead and coordinate the anti-corruption agenda in Afghanistan. Prior to this, he was the Chief of Presidential Programs (also known as the Office of Strategy and Planning) for the Office of the President of Afghanistan. This office wasresponsible for supporting the president in all his day-to-day activities – planning meetings and events, writing policy notes, briefings and speeches, and handling all presidential correspondence – as well as following up on presidential directives.Before joining the president’s office, he was a program advisor for the Ministry of Rural Development in Afghanistan where he worked on community and rural development programs. He also served as external relations officer for the International Organization for Migration (IOM), for the out-of-country registration and voting program for both Afghanistan and Iraqielections: based out of Pakistan, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. In this job, he worked with Afghan and Iraqi political parties, media and election observers. He has worked with several international humanitarian and development organizations such as UNDP, WHO and ActionAid within Afghanistan. He was born and raised in Kabul and stayed in Afghanistan during the course of the civil war. He completed a master’s degree in governance and development at the University of Sussex, UnitedKingdom. He wrote his thesis on governance reform in Indonesia. He also received a United Nations University fellowship onhuman rights and peace-building in Tokyo.