Frances Kissling

Frances Kissling is a visiting scholar at the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania where her major interest is the intersection of religion, reproduction and women's rights. She has an additional interest in US organ transplant policy.has been the leading international voice on women, religion and reproduction. A prolific writer and lecturer, Kissling is the co-author of Rosie: The Investigation of a Wrongful Death (The Dial Press, 1978). She has published in the New York Times, LA Times, Boston Globe, SF Chronicle, The Nation, American Prospect, New Republic online,, Irish Independent, The Guardian, Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, OGlobo,(Brazil) Gazeta Wyborza (Poland) and numerous other journals and publications. For 25 years she was president of Catholics for A Free Choice. Best known for combining serious political advocacy with humor, Kissling once noted that she spent 25 years looking for a government she could overthrow that couldn't put her in jail and she found it in the Vatican.