Gracye Cheng is a junior at Harvard University concentrating in History & Literature, where she focuses on the regions of North and Latin America, and Sociology. At Harvard, some of her favorite activities have been writing and editing for the Harvard Crimson, planning and co-directing HSYLC, an annual summer leadership conference for about 300 Chinese high school students in Shanghai, and researching at Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Center for Research on Culture, Development and Education, where she works with data on low-income immigrant communities.

During her summers, Gracye has conducted independent research about civic engagement amongst Chinese youth in Shanghai, interned at TIME Magazine’s Beijing bureau, and gone home to relax in Los Angeles, where she was born and raised.

While currently taking a semester off, she is staying connected to campus activities by working on expanding HSYLC’s social entrepreneurship program as well as serving as a creative director for an annual campus fashion show. Off-campus, she serves as chair of the editorial board for The Roosevelt Institution, a national network that empowers students to produce and promote their own policies.

Right now, she is in Washington D.C. interning for the U.S. Public Service Academy and working as an assistant teacher for an after school program that serves immigrant and refugee youth.