Hank Asher Inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist

An inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Hank Asher, the father
of Data Fusion, has created systems that protect people, commerce,
companies and countries from risk and threat. His creations include
AutoTrak, Accurint and IRB Search which are used by U.S. Law
Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies, as well as Interpol, Scotland
Yard and the Royal Canadian Police. His systems identified the
Beltway Snipers as well as many Terrorists after September 11th.

Hank is an active philanthropist, donating both his money and his
efforts. His primary focuses include working with the National Center
for Missing and Exploited Children and cancer research. Hank's plane
was the first humanitarian jet into Haiti after the earthquake and has
flown many more times. He has been transporting surgeons and supplies
to Port-au-Prince, bringing the wounded back to South Florida and
providing badly needed logistical assistance to the teams on the

Recently Hank founded his third Risk Management company, TLO
(www.tlo.com). TLO actively hunts pedophiles in 33 countries at no
charge to Law Enforcement. TLO is expected to release the next
generation of AutoTrack and Accurint, code name ALASKA, to U.S. Law
Enforcement and the military at no charge by April. Asher expects TLO
to do billions a year in revenues in the commercial sectors.

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