Homayra Ziad Assistant Professor of Religion, Trinity College

Homayra is an assistant professor of religion at Trinity College, where she teaches courses on Islam. Her scholarly interests include intellectual and cultural trends in Muslim South Asia, theoretical Sufism, theologies of pluralism, and Qur’anic hermeneutics. Homayra earned a doctorate in Islamic Studies and a master’s degree in international relations from Yale University, and a bachelor’s in economics from Bryn Mawr College.

She has published on the Naqshbandi revivalism of the eighteenth-century Delhi theologian and poet Khwajah Mir Dard, Urdu literature, Qawwali, women and Islam, chaplaincy and Scriptural Reasoning, and Muslim liberation theology. She is on the Islam steering committee of the American Academy of Religion. Homayra worked as an associate at the chaplain’s office at Yale University and was also the editor of Chowrangi, a quarterly magazine devoted to the dissemination of progressive Pakistani and Pakistani-American voices.

She has acted as a resource on topics related to Islam for media outlets such as Voice of America, BBC Radio Asian Network, Boston Globe, India New England and Jane Magazine. She has also organized and taken part in interfaith initiatives and educational outreach on faith. In this capacity, Homayra is involved in the practice of Scriptural Reasoning and on the Board of Advisors of the Society for Scriptural Reasoning.