Experience and education, when combined, equal a powerful formula for success! A book can only teach one foundational principles, rules and regulations. However, real-world experience adds a dimension sorely needed for successful strategic and tactical implementation of a financial plan.

Ike Ikokwu, known as The Financial Independence Coach (and for very good reasons) is also the Amazon best-selling author of Winning the Money Game: Separating the Myths From the Truth – Everything You Don’t Know About Achieving Financial Independence. This book was written to help Baby Boomers who have seen their nest egg, investments and home equity disappear during the financial crises of 2000 – 02 and 2007 – 08. With little time to recoup their losses and retirement looming around the proverbial corner, Ike shares the little known strategies and tactics used by financial institutions and the super wealthy, which he has used to achieve becoming the youngest financial professional to become financially independent.

Ike is the president and CEO of Winning The Money Game With Ike, Inc., a tax and financial advisory firm in Cumming, GA. since 2003. He also is a Certified Financial Planner, Registered Investment Advisor and Certified Public Accountant. In this capacity, he has worked for two of what were known as the “Big 6” accounting firms in America. Moreover, he has also worked as a tax consultant for one of the fastest growing consulting firms in the US and as a financial advisor at a nationally-known financial planning firm.

His personal experience with his own portfolio and life, which has made him independently wealthy, complemented with his education led Ike to discover the 9 financial myths that have become staple beliefs and practiced by the majority of Americans who are reeling from the repercussions of these mistakes.

Ike has the experience, resources and infrastructure to help you recover from your economic meltdown, giving you the peace of mind and results necessary for you to create an income stream you can never out live. Find out why people are raving about Ike’s methodology and results, and how you too can win at the money game.

Find out more about The Financial Independence Coach at winningthemoneygame.net or ikeikokwu.com.

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