I was born and raised in New York. Lived in Indiana for 10 years prior to moving to Cairo. I did not move there to get married, I moved there because I had an interest in the culture of modern day Egypt. I ended up getting married while I was there. While living in Cairo I did some teaching and helped adults improve their business English. I am a strong advocate of animal rights and rescued one kitten and two puppies from the streets. I am interested in photography and journalism. I recently returned to Evansville Indiana with the intention of starting the immigration process for my Egyptian husband. I am trying to start a wedding photography business. My plan was for my husband and I to stay here for several years and save money so that one day we can return to Egypt. My dream would be to return to Egypt and work as a columnist for a newspaper or magazine, continue to build my photographic portfolio, and work with the animal rescue group ESMA Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals. Eventually, I'd love to open my own non-profit animal shelter in Egypt.