Jane Mansour is an independent policy consultant currently based in the US. She has also lived and worked in the UK and Australia. She has a rich combination of operational and policy experience. Jane has been involved in welfare-to-work for sixteen years in the UK and Australia, in research, policy and operational capacities for both private and not-for-profit organisations. This has included the implementation, delivery and management of welfare-to-work programmes; developing new service delivery models; as well as being the founder and Director of the Ingeus Centre for Policy and Research, a think tank embedded within a welfare-to-work delivery organisation. She has worked closely with a variety of non- and for profit organisations, academics, policy makers and experts to help inform and stimulate the policy debate.

With a particular interest in sustainable employment outcomes for those most disadvantaged in the labour market, she has focused on the effective procurement of outsourced employment services and performance measurement. Other areas of expertise include: improving integration between skills and work; flexible working; choice and voice in welfare reform; progression in work; funding and incentives for providers; and localising national initiatives.

She is a Senior Associate of Social Inclusion USA.