Jean Johnson writes frequently about public opinion and public policy and has authored a series of books devoted to increasing citizen understanding of major issues.Writing with Scott Bittle, she is co-author of Where Did the Jobs Go--and How Do We Get Them Back?, a guide to the national debate over jobs and unemployment, Where Does the Money Go?, a book designed to help typical Americans understand the debate over the national debt, and Who Turned Out the Lights?, a citizen's guide to the energy debate, all from Harper Collins. She is also the author of You Can't Do It Alone: A Communications and Engagement Manual for School Leaders Committed to Reform.

Johnson serves on the board of the National Issues Forums Institute, a national, nonpartisan organization that convenes citizens in communities across the country to discuss major issues. She and Bittle are both senior fellows at Public Agenda, a nonpartisan research and engagement organization.

Johnson has also written articles for USA Today, Educational Leadership, and Education Week. She has appeared in the media on Bill Moyers' Journal, the Dylan Ratigan Show, the Today Show, and CNN among others.

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