Jenny Ingram Blogger,

Since 2004, Jenny has been lovingly tending her site, Jenny On the Spot, with humor, caffeine and a pinch of narcissism. Okay... TWO pinches. In 2008, Jenny discovered a webcam on her computer and added "vlogger" to her list of online digressions. (Unrelated fact: She cannot stand that word: "vlog.")

When not blogging, or tweeting, or Facebooking (and let's not get her started on Instagram and Pinterest...), Jenny hits the blogging conference circuit, where she has been heard speaking on topics like embracing your inner sparkle and best practices in video blogging. Locally, she teaches the occasional community social media class and has been seen drilling fourth graders on multiplication and division flashcards at a local elementary school. Most importantly, her kids claim she makes the BEST TACOS EVER, and they are totally right.