Jenny Yancey and Dan Siegel are Co-Founders of YouthGive (, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to enable children, youth and families to discover the power of philanthropy and create positive change in their community and the world.

YouthGive participants learn about the world of giving and tell the stories of nonprofits and social entrepreneurs who are weaving a fabric of good. These student-authored nonprofit profiles and giving stories are compiled into local Guides to Giving in Los Angeles and the SF Bay Area, and posted on the YouthGive website. Parents can open free small dollar YouthGive Accounts for their children to put them in the driver’s seat of giving, enabling them to choose which causes and organizations they want to support.

For over 25 years, Yancey and Siegel have been social entrepreneurs and philanthropic consultants specializing in youth leadership, family philanthropy and social sector innovation. They are co-authors of a landmark study on donor education funded by the Ford, Hewlett, Kellogg and Packard foundations, and have been consultants to organizations such as IBM, the International Youth Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

They are parents of high school and college age children who have been youth leaders in helping to create and guide the creation and development of YouthGive.