Jesse Jacobs founded Samovar Tea Lounge to create more human connection. Using his business as a vehicle for fostering social change, Jesse blends mindfulness-inspired leadership with entrepreneurial creativity, and delivers in Samovar the antidote to our modern fast-paced way of life. Despite the opportunities and benefits of life today, time and inner-peace are virtually non-existent. Samovar is leading a movement, where through the simple ritual of tea and slowing down, we begin to lead more inspired and actualized lives.

Jacobs draws on a variety of jobs and learnings, ranging from professional magician to cleaning salmon in Alaska, to competency in five foreign languages, a love of martial arts, surfing, free diving, yoga, and extensive travel in search of the perfect tea leaf.

Samovar Tea Lounge achieves it's mission out of three San Francisco retail locations and an ecommerce site. With features in the New York Times, CNN, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Inc Magazine, Samovar's impact has been noticed. For more information please visit Jesse's blog,, and Samovar's web site,