Jim Rubens

Jim Rubens dropped out of Dartmouth College to join a commune and start a recycling center, then dropped back in to grow and sell about 10 businesses. He then got involved in politics, chairing the platform committee for the national Independence Party in 1992 (before being ousted in a Ross Perot organized coup). From 1994-1998, he served as a Republican state senator, ran for New Hampshire governor in 1998, chaired the NH GOP platform committee in 2000, was senior policy advisor and spokesman for former US Senator Gordon Humphrey in his 2002 run for governor.

Today, Rubens is a member of the Granite State Angels, focusing on New England startups, consults for the Union of Concerned Scientists on clean energy politics, and chairs the Granite State Coalition Against Expanded Gambling. His new book, OverSuccess: Healing the American Obsession, will be published in April, 2008. More on it at www.OverSuccess.com. Jim Rubens supports Rudy Giuliani for President.