Jimmy Demers Singer, song writer

Jimmy Demers is an accomplished singer living in Los Angeles, CA. His debut album, Dream a Little, was released last year on Concord Records. Performing for audiences from Shanghai, China to Boise, Idaho, Jimmy’s captivating vocals have also graced numerous award winning albums that include artists from Garth Brooks to Cher. He was the voice of the “Always Coca Cola” ad campaign and has been the featured artist singing “The National Anthem” for The U.S. Open, The L.A. Dodgers and the San Diego Padres (to name only a few) but it has been his affiliation with a myriad of charitable causes, including The Special Olympics, Best Buddies, Muscular Dystrophy, and a host of Cancer Related charities, that have given him his greatest rewards. He is likely best known for his engaging and inspiring concerts performed alongside his brother Donnie, a piano player and songwriter who has Muscular Dystrophy. For more information regarding Jimmy, please go to www.jimmydemers.org.

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