Jimmy Nguyen is an award-winning digital media and technology lawyer, diversity and innovation advocate, blogger, technology advisor and speech expert. He hosts the Speak Up with Jimmy Web series, and is founder of the DiverseStory Project - an online campaign for diversity stories. Jimmy is a creative producer of the it gets better touring theater show to help stop bullying of LGBT youth. He is a co-founder of ARTa - the American Readers Theater association.

In 2008, Lawdragon named Jimmy (at only age 36) one of the 500 leading lawyers in America, and in 2010, The Advocate named him to its "40 Under 40" list of top LGBT persons. In 2012, he was included in a Huffington Post list of “Most Influential LGBT Asian Icons.”

At his website JimmyWin.com, Jimmy champions diversity and innovation as keys to achieve personal excellence and business success. Through everything he does, Jimmy seeks to inspire people with his mantra: “Why Fit In? Stand Out and WIN.”

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