Julius Wiedemann is both the Executive Editor of Design and the Director of Digital Publications for TASCHEN publishing. In the last seven years he has edited over 25 books, in areas such as advertising, Internet, computer graphics, art, product design, computer games, and others, collaborating with people from over 50 countries. His many TASCHEN digital and media titles include Illustration Now!, Advertising Now, Logo Design, and Brand Identity Now!. His upcoming books include The Package Design Book, Asian Graphics Now!, and D&AD 2010, The Best Advertising and Design in the World. Julius Wiedemann was born in Brazil, moved to Japan to work in the field of design before working for TASCHEN, and now currently splits his time between Germany and the United Kingdom. To date his books have sold over 1 million copies worldwide. For more information visit www.taschen.com and www.juliuswiedemann.com.