Kathleen McGowan Author and activist

Kathleen McGowan’s publishing career began with the debut of her novel, The Expected One, on the New York Times bestseller list. Ms. McGowan’s imaginative and literate fiction has now been published in up to 50 languages.

The Expected One, along with the sequels in the series, including the bestselling The Book of Love and the forthcoming novel of Renaissance Italy, The Poet Prince,is based on 20 years of research on four continents into the history of women in Christianity and their long-forgotten role in the development of global spirituality. During her time abroad, Ms. McGowan studied international folklore, mythology and universal storytelling in Europe and the Middle East. Her passion for legends that speak to the human spirit has earned her a devoted, worldwide fan base while making her a bestseller worldwide.

Kathleen McGowan's first nonfiction work, The Source of Miracles, is a life-changing handbook about prayer and spiritual practice.

Kathleen is a dedicated activist, and commits a portion of her time and royalties to causes that protect women and children from the horrors of human trafficking and sexual slavery. She has teamed with The Emancipation Network and Made by Survivors to fund and participate in programs which provide shelter and safety for victims of abuse, and raise awareness of this global epidemic.

Photo by Dana Tynan.