Kelly Feller Snr Strategist, Intel Social Media Center of Excellence

Kelly has been in "traditional" marketing roles for the last 15 years, marketing everything from organic foods and senior housing to infrared thermometers and computer software & hardware. She’s worked with a variety of big technology companies including Intel, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Intuit, SAS Software, Symantec, and IBM and even some smaller companies & non-profits.

Today she is Strategist in Intel's Social Media Center of Excellence where she works on company-wide guidelines, programs & strategies that involve social media marketing.Currently she’s focused on implementing a web listening/monitoring solution.

In her dwindling spare time she writes blogs & Twitters avidly and is also a classical singer who performs at local schools and senior homes with the Intel choir (yes, Intel has a choir). She holds a BA in Communications and Political Science from the University of Michigan.