Kendall Schmidt stars as Kendall, the lead singer of the “princes of pop” pop group who convinces his music manager that he won’t perform without his best buds by his side – as part of a group, in Nickelodeon’s live-action comedy Big Time Rush. Prior to Big Time Rush, Kendall founded a group called Heffron Drive under which he tours worldwide when he’s not working on Big Time Rush. Music has always been a prominent part of Kendall’s life. From singing in the car when he was five years old to learning to play guitar at 16 years old, it seems Kendall was destined to work in music.

Already and at a young age, Kendall has had incredible life experiences, like working with Steven Spielberg on Ai and Minority Report and traveling the world performing for millions of Big Time Rush and Heffron Drive fans. Most don’t cope well with such early successes, but Kendall has continued to remain humble thanks to his family, values, and mid-western roots. Kendall has now embarked on his next great chapter with Conscious Human Initiative, a non-profit organization aiming to reduce malnutrition globally. With state of the art technology, an innovative concept, and a major promotional platform, this non-profit looks poised to change the world.