Kosta Grammatis Founder of ahumanright.org, an organization bringing low cost internet access to the world

Kosta Grammatis explores new ideas rather than follow the established assumptions. He started ahumanright.org, an organization charged with bringing low cost internet access to the world because he believes that information empowers people. He is passionate about using technology to foster development.

Kosta was the Chief Engineer for the video camera enabled prosthetic eye called the “Eyeborg Project.” His work was awarded TIME Magazine's best inventions of 2009 and featured in "Ripley's Believe it or Not". He was an Avionics Systems Engineer for Space Exploration Technologies and was responsible for a micro-communications satellite that is currently in orbit. He likes big ideas and has spoken publicly worldwide on topics ranging from Technology to Human Rights. He has photographed professionally, and travels profusely. He is currently a visiting researcher at the MIT Media Labs.