For the last 25 years Kraig has worked as a radio and TV reporter in
the country’s largest and most important media markets. He spent the
last seven of those years working in the San Francisco market for its
number one station.

A news reporter, producer and writer most of his career, Kraig has
covered all the high profile stories, such as the Barry Bonds trial,
verdict and sentencing, and the results of some of the BALCO cases.
Working in New York City, Kraig witnessed the Twin Towers fall from
his apartment window and then covered the catastrophe as a field
producer for Japanese TV network NTV.

Working in Charlotte, Kraig covered the highly contentious senatorial
race featuring Elizabeth Dole, and working for KRON/BAY-TV in 1998,
Kraig covered Barbara Boxer’s second term senate campaign.
Kraig lives in the Bay Area, is married and has two children.